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Who We Are

Swiss Cocktails is a premier cocktail company dedicated to providing the future of cocktail consumption through premium ready to serve cocktails. Swiss Cocktails simplifies the process behind the bar by providing a smooth consistent cocktail blend that captures the essence of specialized cocktails for every cup served.

Our Mission

To have the general public indulge in our sophisticated cocktail brand!

Our Story

The #SWISSMovement began as a crazy idea in February of 2014 after a purchase of 3 wine racks for our apartment. Once the 27 wine bottles were resting elegantly on the wall an idea came to mind… “With so many wine bottles on the wall, we should learn how to make drinks for friends who stop by?” In spite not being a bartender, accolades for our first cocktail The Piña Colada and many more incited a discussion with the team to take our mixology skills to the next level. Fast forward to today and find #SWISS® Session With Indulged Sophistication, a cocktail brand geared to satisfying the tongue pallet of an individual looking for a smooth and flavorful cocktail with a ready to serve approach. When you find our brand on retail store shelves you can be assured that it was produced with the genuine love for cocktail mixology and so, we ask you lift your cocktail glass in the air and toast to the future of cocktail consumption with our amazing brand!

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