Our Cocktail

"The Mojito"

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The History of our cocktail

#SWISS’ “The Mojito” is a classic cocktail recipe with a homemade twist that was launched in fall 2020 at D’ Cache Bar Liquors in Trenton, NJ. With support from the liquor store, sales increased exponentially, allowing the #SWISS team to gather valuable feedback from customers. In spring 2021, #SWISS reduced the sugar content of the Mojito from 24g to 17g based on customer feedback. By fall 2021, the Mojito was distributed with an emboldened mint profile, and the focus shifted to getting the cocktail behind the bar in restaurants and bars. The Mojito won several awards in 2022, and #SWISS continued to grow its presence in NJ and PA. Winter 2023 saw the company evolve “The Mojito” further by focusing on packaging to extend its shelf life, reducing the sugar to 15g, and emboldening the mint extract. The updated mojito will hit store shelves and be served behind the bar by February 2023, with a reduced bottle price by spring 2023. #SWISS is a brand that cares about your cocktail experience and is continually improving to provide the best product.