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Uncle Nearest Premium Aged Whiskey

The Uncle Nearest brand honors the first African American Master Distiller who made history over 160 years ago. The story is about Nathan Green, a slave born 1820 who became free with the enactment of 13th amendment January, 1865 while pursuing the perfection of craft distillation through a West African filtration technique passed down, refined, and cultivated using sugar maple tree charcoal, lime stone, and creek water in Lynchburg, TN. Nathan’s friend, Preacher & Distillery owner Dan Call could attest to this fact. Nathan worked on site for Dan as his unofficial distiller on his farm, and his skill would not go unnoticed. At the request of Dan Call, soon Nathan would gain an apprentice who had the curiosity and tenacity to learn the craft just as well as Nathan instructed.


Nathan’s apprentice would later grow up to become an entrepreneur and purchase Dan Call’s distillery and name it after himself while appointing Nathan Green the first African American Master Distiller officially. This moment would be monumental and a catalyst which would also broaden the market distribution of Nathan’s whiskey and allow him to start his family-owned business. Nathan’s family was well respected, and the Green Family business grew profitably. The young apprentice now entrepreneur still continued to perfect his craft while Nathan’s whiskey business flourished. By the time Uncle Nearest retired, the apprentice most knew as Uncle Jack would start his own distilling his own brand of whiskey too. A prominent whiskey we currently call Jack Daniel’s…small world!


Records were searched and information was recovered by surviving descendants of the Green Family to use as basis to repackage Nathan’s whiskey and call it Uncle Nearest present day. Uncle Nearest is sold throughout the country and garnered with many accolades and awards. Uncle Nearest is more than a whiskey produced by the founding father of Tennessee Whiskey, Nathan Green. Uncle Nearest is a spirit that is legacy produced with craft-skill and mastery so unique in its own right, it inspired a boy, turned apprentice, turned man and entrepreneur to create a whiskey just as notable. To date, Uncle Nearest is managed surviving descendants of the Green Family. Production is overseen by CEO & Entrepreneur Fawn Weaver and Master Distiller Victoria Eady Butler, the great-great granddaughter of Nathan Green.


Uncle Nearest Premium Aged Whiskey 1856 is 100 proof with notes of spicey caramel, hint of maple, and dried fruit. Stop by your local liquor bar or restaurant and request a “Taste of History.” #SWISS didn’t coin this phrase, but Emmy Award-Winning actor Jeffrey Wright can be given credit. Nathan Green a.k.a. Uncle Nearest made history and this month, #SWISS Cocktails honors him with an unforgettable old-fashioned with a twist; no sugar cube required…, See our cocktail expression below:


“The Mojito Tío”

Into Shaker;

Shake The Mojito well;

Add 2.75 oz The Mojito;

Add 1 oz Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey;

Add 7 dashes of Angostura Bitters;

Shake contents briefly;

Pour contents into a dragon martini glass;

Garnish w/ 2 skewered Luxardo Cherries;

Cheers to the future of cocktail consumption!

@goswissgo, #HBCUchallenge


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