#SWISS Xperience Pilot Success!

On St. Patrick’s Day, Swiss Cocktails Inc premiered their pilot session dubbed #SWISS Xperience at Hooters Lawrenceville March 17th, 2023. This session was a great opportunity for on premise guests to interact with the brand #SWISS and see why it’s “the future of cocktail consumption.”


Hooters Lawrenceville has been a loyal client of Swiss Cocktails since December, 2020 and continues to serve a cocktail expression called The Mojito Rita. The Mojito Rita is a #SWISS Mojito Margarita and crowd favorite, but for the new year 2023 Hooters owner Terese wanted to introduce something new on the menu. The #SWISS Xperience became a perfect pilot to determine what cocktail to choose by popular vote.


The Mojito by Swiss Cocktails was the spirit headliner for Hooters Lawrenceville, cocktail menu update. The Mojito has a 40-proof spirit profile, award-winning accolades and perpetual ability to be invaluable behind the bar (BTB). During the #SWISS Xperience a total of four cocktails were presented:


The Mojito:

#SWISS Classic Mojito. 40 proof

Cocktail Expression: Served Naked With Lime Garnish, Mediterranean Tonic – Optional, Splash, Or Topoff. The Mojito is an infused Vodka and Rum spirit with natural ingredients including citrus lime, mint, sugar, and hint of coconut.


The Mojito Blue Jewl:

#SWISS Kentucky Moscow Mule. 102 proof.

Cocktail Expression: The Mojito, Maker’s Mark Reg Whisky*, Blue Curacao, Orange Garnish, Q Ginger Beer – Optional, Splash, or Topoff. *The Blue Jewl traditionally calls for Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon, however, Hooters Lawrenceville uses Maker’s Mark Reg. Easy swap. If the whiskey’s Kentucky Straight…the drink is great!


The Mojito Caife:

#SWISS Irish Coffee Shot. 100 – 110 proof respectively.

Cocktail Expression: The Mojito, Tullamore D.E.W Irish Whiskey, Kahlua, Dark Roast Coffee, Reddi Wip cream or Mocha Whip Shot.


The Mojito Pink:

#SWISS Elderflower Botanical. 40 proof

Cocktail Expressions: The Mojito, Oceanspray Cran-Ras, Elderflower Tonic Water – Splash or Topoff.


Consistency, Simplicity, and Versatility are requisites for the The Mojito and instrumental in producing a phenomenal outcome at Hooter Lawrencville. Guests experienced what Swiss Cocktails has to offer and tasted a rare future where The Mojito and Bourbon mix to shine blue. The Mojito Blue Jewl was the winner for the night and will appear on the Hooters menu this year! The #SWISS Xperience exceeded expectation and will continue to be implemented with more on premises clients this year. Data captured during session such as this one is priceless because it bridges the gap between brand and client interaction in a two-fold manner via Consumer Engagement and Client Reinforcement, both are critical to brand success.


Swiss Cocktails has the key in hand and running, Go #SWISS Go! Visit our website for more information regarding our amazing cocktail brand or let Swiss Team know where you’d like the next #SWISS Xperience to be on our Contact Us page. Cheers to the future of cocktail consumption!


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