Women’s History & #SWISS

One day left before Women’s History Month is over. Did you take an opportunity to honor a woman who exudes qualities that resonate with you this year? If you haven’t, it’s never too late!


When Congress first acknowledged Women’s History in commemoration it started out as just a week, the week beginning March 7th 1982. By March 1987 Congress received petitions by the National Women’s History Project to consider acknowledgement for the entire month of March and subsequently the entire month of March recurringly year afer year via Presidential proclamation between 1988 and 1994.


Presidential proclamations are integral to the continued acknowledgement of the achievements of Women in various fields throughout history. Some notable mentions include the following moments in time:

  • Sojourner Truth: 1851 “Ain’t I A Woman”

  • Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton: 1869 Nation Woman Suffrage Association

  • Voting Rights: August 18th, 1920 Women Win The Right To Vote

  • Wage Equality: 1963 Equal Pay Act Passed By President John F. Kennedy

  • Before Vogue: 1971 Gloria Steinem Established Ms. Magazine, For Women

  • U.S. Supreme Victory: 1981 Sandra Day O’Connor Is Appointed 1st Supreme Court Justice

  • Ride To Space: 1983 Sally Ride Is The 1st American Woman To Trek Space Aboard Shuttle Challenger

Women continue to be an aspiring force to reckon with. Often, women spring forward into action by constantly breaking the mold, barriers, obstacles, throughout history, time and space! Persistence & Resilience is key to accomplishing difficult challenges and women have strength in numbers. This year 2023 women start new chapter, who knows what they’ll do next!


In the meantime, take a timeout to grab a glass and toast to women’s success, toast to the future of cocktail consumption. The cocktail prepared today commemorates Women’s History Month with a refreshing lemon twist courtesy of Swiss Cocktails. Cheers to your achievements and continued success ladies, Enjoy:


The Mojito Santo

Grab a stemless wine glass

Add Ice & Lemon Wheels

Shake The Mojito Well

Add 2.75 oz The Mojito

2.75 oz top off Lemon Perrier

Garnish W/ Rosemary

Cheers to the future of cocktail consumption!


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